Hey, I'm Christina!

Photography has always held a special place in my heart, allowing me to capture incredible moments and share captivating stories with the world. Around five or six years ago, I discovered my deep love for freezing time and creating images that evoke emotions and spark imagination. Bringing the joy and capturing those memories for you and others is what keeps me motivated.

 Though I hail from a small town, I now call Windsor, Ontario, home—a place bursting with vibrant cultures and stunning urban landscapes. It's here that I find inspiration in every corner, capturing the essence and soul of the community in my photographs. The waterfront is a beautiful place, and the Detroit skyline.. oh she's a beautiful thing. Can we talk about the ridiculous amount of Canadian geese though? What's up with that?

When I'm not capturing moments behind the camera, you'll often find me embracing the freedom and exhilaration of my trusty motorcycle. Exploring new landscapes and stumbling upon hidden treasures invigorates me and adds an adventurous spark to my artistic endeavors. Nature's raw beauty never fails to enchant me, especially when it's paired with the rev of an engine and the wind in my hair (until it knots up at the base of my helmet, ha).


Photography is an art form that allows for endless creativity and self-expression. Embracing creativity as a core value for me means constantly seeking new things, experimenting with different techniques, and pushing the boundaries of what I can accomplish. It involves capturing unique moments, finding beauty in the ordinary, and translating emotions into visual form. 


Building a connection with my subjects allows me to capture their essence and tell their stories effectively. Additionally, connecting with the audience involves creating images that evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and invite viewers to connect with the narrative behind the photograph. 


Authenticity is the strive to capture genuine moments and evoke honest emotions. I focus on capturing the essence of my subjects, whether it's people, places or things, without excessive manipulation or artificiality. I try to prioritize creating images that are true to the subject and resonate with viewers on a deeper, more authentic level. 

Have a question about helping rescues / shelters? I do that.